Thursday, April 4, 2013

Prize Winners List

Ok everyone, the moment you have been waiting for.  

The draw was done by putting all 6116 entries into the computer and using a random number generator numbers were chosen.

Here is the list of prizes and winners of the prize draw for Gretel.  We have contacted the donators and given them the prize winners email address so if you have won a prize you will hear from them shortly.

Little Cotton Rabbits knitted elephant toy - Sally Alsford
Chloe Owens Owl - Kim Morris
Annie Montgomerie Dolls brooch - Sue Morris
Kirsty Elson cottage - Stephanie Rudgard-Redsell
Pipany Babbit - Heather Millson
Kate Brazier card - Hannah Mead
Sarah Hardaker cushion - Sue McLoughlin
Hen’s Teeth needle case - Anna Seager
Ted and Agnes skirt - Emma Dodd
Jane Foster panda cushion - Linda McKellar
London Bus cushion kit - Jennifer Marshall
Doll Kit  - Lynette Newman
Toy cat - Tadeusz Cholewa
Toy cat - Anna Houghton
Panda toy - Abby Harris
Panda toy - Adrian Izzard
Toy rabbit - Louise Lingwood
Panda print - Susann Dalton
VE Subscription - Angharad Le Claire
Daisy Darling ribbon brooches - Jan Sparx
Mama Bea doll kit - Ela Henry
Teresa Dunne Embroidery hoop - John Dunn
Eirlys Penn bangles - Louise Brandon
Mend it better book and darning kit - Heather Works
Jane Winton picture - Rebecca Diggle
Emma Lamb wedding garland - Lynn De la Hunty
Vicky Trainor pictures - Anne Marie de Boom
Mandy James cushion - Kate Thatcher
Chocolate chip cookie cake - Jane Hughes
Pearl Lowe stationery - Nichola Owen
Anna Houghton cushion - Alison Maslen
Sarah Wimperis painting - Handmade by Mrs H
Handmade chocolates - Jean Birch-Leonard
Dottie Angel notebooks - Kerry Berry
Dottie Angel tray - Ellen Tarlow
Folly and Glee lampshade - Barbara Harrison
Sally Waters cushions - Tiffany Williams and Le Beau Cake
Amanda Banham print - Michelle Grimes
Michelle Thompson print - Christine Martindale
Vintage Magpie bunny - Dorothy Prosser
Cherry Menlove book - Irene Todd Maalen
Niki Fretwell bag - Della Walker
Rachel Glibbery picture - Laura McPherson
Ted and Bunny Ted - Alison Smith
Roger Dean photo and postcards - Caroline Saunders
Sally Alsford fabric - Nicola Pavey
Sally Alsford bag - Sarah Smith
Tracey Benton felted hare - Cara Corcoran
Tracey Benton nest brooch - Alex King
Helen Bottrill cushion - Amanda Stanbury
Jayne Ward picture - Heide Murray
Laura Ann Cope teacup pincushion - Alison Cracknell
Caroline Pass cards and button necklace - A Crafty Hen
Bev Jennings Ceramics clock - Adrienne Sharman
Celia Hart etching - Aileen Murrae
Nicky Grace pictures - David Brown(?) and Alison Townley
Rima picture and cards - Katie Keen
Joy Williams angel picture - Anna Marie Stassen
Jackelien purses - Joanne Capeling, Maria O’Connor, Deborah Flint and GJN Supplies
Hen House bag - Ali Hocking
Bubs Bears bear - Anne Kuell
Sarah Moore lavender bears - Barbara Morrison, Deb Urbacz and 3 others (no names given)
Chambers and Beau necklace - Barky66
Cowboys and Custard shadow box - Elizabeth Schmid

Holiday cottage - Elaine Kirsch


  1. I was happy to donate to the fund, but what a great bonus to have been picked to win a prize! Thank you ever so much for hosting this, to the prize givers and everyone who contributed. I can't wait for my painting from Sarah Wimperis to arrive, she's so talented, I'm unbelievably lucky! xx

  2. Hola, donde puedo conseguir el Pattern del Elephant???